Essential Oils for worms and intestinal parasites

posted on 15.06.2016

Many people suffer from intestinal parasites and worms, and it is estimates that for example around 50% of the UK population have or had them at some point. They are not dangerous, but they can be literally a 'pain in the butt'. Luckily, there are herbal remedies like essential oils, that can help to ease the symptoms and get rid of them.

The Modern Essentials Usage Guide (our "health bible") recommends the following for parasites / worms:


A parasite is an organism that grows on or in another organism at the host organism's expense. A parasite cannot live independently and is fed and sheltered by the host organism without making any helpful contribution itself.

Oils: oregano essential oil (I, T), thyme essential oil (I, T), fennel (I, T), Roman chamomile essential oil (I, T), DigestZen essential oil blend (I, T), lavender essential oil (I, T), melaleuca essential oil (tea tree: T), clove essential oil (I, T)

other products: doTERRA DigestZen Softgels

- Intestinal parasites:

Oils: lemon essential oil (I, T), oregano essential oil (I, T), Roman Chamomile (I, T)

- Worms

Oils: doTERRA DigestZen (I, T), lavender essential oil (I, T), rosemary essential oil (I, T), thyme essential oil (I, T), peppermint essential oil (I, T), Roman Chamomile essential oil (I, T), bergamot essential oil (I, T), melaleuca essential oil (tea tree essential oil)

Internal Application (e.g. put 2 - 4 drops essential oil in empty capsule, and swallow. Add 1 - 2 drops essential oils to rice milk or almond milk and drink it)

T = Topical Application (Apply as warm compress over abdomen. Add 2 - 3 drops to 1 Tbs. fractionated coconut oil, and apply (i.e. rub) on abdomen and reflex points on the feet and soles.

Recommendation: The best is to use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of highest quality for therapeutic treatment like doTERRA essential oils.