posted on 25.10.2016 by Essential Oils Ireland

Beautiful products for beautiful people

There is a saying "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", which is absolutely true. What is beautiful for one, might appear ugly to another one, be it a person, a picture or music. And this is good, does it show that taste is something very individual. But especially with regards to people, there is one notable thing about beauty: when a person smiles or even laughs out loud, it seems to turn beautiful instantaneously and without exception.

I stumbled recently over the Facebook page "So I asked them to smile",  about a photographer's project who takes pictures of random people on the street on a tour in Rajasthan, India, and then asks them to smile and takes another picture. It is like magic: people really completely change when they smile, and to me personally, it gives them all something beautiful. I also believe this is universal and applies to all people, and it is a proof that beauty really comes from within.

The beautiful products I am writing about are the essential oils and other products we offer, as they are 100% natural and absolutely contribute to beauty in every respect. Apart from being highly effective in a huge number of skin issues like fungi, eczema, wrinkles and many more (i.e. working "from the outside"), they are also highly effectively working from the inside, e.g. in digestive issues, respiratory issues etc. More importantly, some essentials oils and oil blends have a strong effect on one's "mind" and can be mood-lifting or calming, help with sleep issues etc., like the essential oils blends Elevation, Serenity or Balance.

So essential oils work on the body and the mind, and help a lot of people to get better and feel better - to bring out that beauty from within. If you have any questions regarding how the oils work, or if you want to know which oils to use for what ailment, please drop us an email to or via Facebook. And if you look for pure essential oils for therapeutical use, please have a look at

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