Essential Oils for Sinuses and Sinusitis

The following information is taken from the Modern Essentials Usage Guide

Sinuses are several hollow cavities within the skull that allow the skull to be more lightweight without compromising strength. These cavities are connected to the nasal cavities through small channels. When the mucous membrane lining these channels becomes swollen or inflames due to colds or allergies, these channels can become blocked - making it difficult for the sinuses to drain correctly. This can lead to infection and inflammation of the mucous membrane within the sinuses (sinusitis). There are sinus cavities behind the cheek bone and forehead and near the eyes and nasal cavity.

Essential oils commonly used for issues with sinuses:

Oils Usage Recommendation
Helichrysum Aromatic, Topical 1st
Eucalyptus Aromatic, Topical 1st
Breathe (Respiratory Blend) Aromatic, Topical 1st
On Guard (Protective Blend) Aromatic, Topical 2nd
Cedarwood Aromatic, Topical 2nd


Essential oils commonly used for sinusitis:

EucalyptusAromatic, Topical1st
RosemaryAromatic, Internal, Topical1st
Breathe (Respiratory Blend)Aromatic, Topical1st
ZenGest (Digestive Blend)Topical1st
PeppermintAromatic, Topical1st
Melaleuca (Tea Tree)Aromatic, Topical2nd
White FirAromatic, Topical2nd
GingerAromatic, Topical3rd

Essential Oils for sinusitis sinuses and respiratory issues. Essential Oils Ireland

Recipe suggestion:

For chronic sinusitis, apply 1 - 2 drops ZenGest (Digestive Blend) - formerly called DigestZen - around the navel four times daily; apply 2 drops peppermint under tongue 2 times daily (try first if it is not too strong).

Aromatic Usage: Diffuse oils into the air using a diffuser. Inhale directly from the bottle. Apply oils to hand, tissue or cotton wick and inhale. Place 1 - 2 drops in a bowl of hot water, and inhale vapors.

Topical Usage: Dilute as recommended, and apply 1 - 2 drops along the sides of the nose or forehead (often clears out sinuses immediately).

Body Systems affected: Respiratory system

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