Five essential oils that are effective in the treatment of cancer

Posted by Essential Oils Ireland on 04.11.2016

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Five essential oils that are effective in the treatment of cancer

A 2010 study in Switzerland has evaluated the effect of essential Thyme oil on breast cancer cells, lung cancer cells and prostate cancer cells. Essential Thyme oil showed the highest cytotoxicity over all the three different kinds of cancer cells. Thyme has an active ingredient, the Thymol, and it activates mechanisms that leads to the death of the cancer cells.

Rosemary has antioxidative effects that can help to protect from free radicals which damage cell membranes, mutate the DNA and kill healthy cells.

Research of the Long Island University College of Pharmacy have found that active ingredients in oregano use signals that lead to the dying of the cancer cells. Oregano also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Essential oregano oil contains Carnosol, which has shown effects like stopping the growth of colon cancer cells and leading to cell death of cancerous cells. Essential oregano oil has shown promising results in the fight against prostate, breast and skin cancer.


Apigenin, a bioactive component that was found in camomile, has shown in research that it has significant effects on the inhibition of many human cancer cell lines. A study of 2010 showed that essential camomile oil has killed 93% of breast cancer cells. Another separate study showed that camomile essential oil is capable of inhibiting cell mutations in 60 - 75%.

Frankincense essential oil has shown that it can treat many different health conditions, including cancer. Research studies show now that essential oils and extracts of frankincense have a strong anti-cancer activity. Frankincense essential oil was tested against pancreas cancer cells and was able to cause a high degree of cancer cell death. The same effect showed in a separate study in bladder cancer cells. This study showed that the essential oil was able to differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells, and that the healthy cells were not effected.

If you, or somebody you know, fights against cancer, then you should consider alternative therapies. Those oils will not be recommended by most doctors. The natural ingredients cannot be patented, which means the financial profit is not as high as in the pharmaceutical industry.

And if anybody has questions regarding essential oils, where you get decent therapy-grade oils and how they can be used, please let me know.