Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in news and media

Essential Oils News is a news aggregator site dedicated to essential oils and aromatherapy. It links various websites as sources for their articles, amongst others academic news and various academic web pages.

There are many great articles linked and lots of interesting information about essential oils to be discovered. It is amazing for how many different things essential oils can be used - just read through the articles and you will be surprised.


Natural News is a news site dedicated to all kinds of forms of natural healthcare, including essential oils. On its news site and blog there are many dozens of very interesting articles about essential oils, and one can learn a lot reading through all of them.

Apart from the above specialised news sites, essential oils and aromatherapy are very popular topics in other media sites, that get also increasingly covered by popular and mainstream media.

There was an interesting news report on Fox17 News about the Vanderbilt Hospital using doTERRA essential oils in their emergency room and running a test project with their staff to counter the high stress levels and related issues like employee satisfaction, staff turnover, employee stress etc. 

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